Phenom Elite

Phenom Elite is the perfect name for a flashy sports apparel brand. “Phenom” is often associated with young athletes who possess exuberant amounts of potential. “Elite” is simply a word that is above the rest. Combining the two brings a unique and edgy name to the brand that appeals to athletes of all sports.


We used the gloves last year at Westside High (digital camo) as a reward for selling fundraising cards and the kids went nuts over it. Great product by the way. Wish I had it when I was playing!!!

Coach Matt Quinn High School Football Coach at Westwood High School in Columbia, South Carolina. 

Phenom Elite is honestly the best uniform company I’ve worked with. They provide uniforms that rival the likes of Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour, but you get everything completely custom from the ground up and the customer service is outstanding.

Adam Barnhardt Former GM of the Bemidji Axemen - Indoor Football League