How do I place my order?

Once mock ups and total quantities are approved, you will be sent an invoice that can be paid online. Once payment is received, manufacturing will begin.

We also can take payment over the phone if necessary.

How long will it take to produce my order?

ALL custom orders will take 5-6 weeks to produce.

When will production start on my order?

Production will start when payment is made. The 5-6 week timeline starts the day the payment is made regardless of when during the year the order is placed. (EX. If the order is placed October 1st, the order will be delivered 5-6 weeks from that date.)

What are the minimum orders?

There is a minimum order of 12 for ALL custom items. 

What type of file formats are needed for logo submissions?

Logo files need to be in the following file types: .AI (Adobe Illustrator), .EPS (Encapsulated  PostScript) or .PDF(Portable Document Format). These files are required so that the production process can run smoothly and efficiently.

What type of color sample is needed?

We require that each customer submit a PMS (Pantone Matching System) number so that we may match your color exactly. If a PMS number is not provided we will attempt to get as close as possible to your desired color(s). Please note that if a PMS number is not provided color shade may vary.

Can I see a sample glove before I place my order?

Yes, please click HERE to purchase a sample glove. Please note that these sample gloves will be randomized gloves from previous orders so that you may see and feel the quality of our product.

How do I determine sizing?

In general, our gloves sizing run the same as any pair of football or baseball gloves in the industry. What you wear in other brands, you would also wear in ours.

Order Changes, Cancellations, and Refund Policy

Changes on each order can only be made before the production process begins. Once your order has gone into production it can’t be cancelled and no refunds will be given.

Glove Warranty

While Phenom Elite’s unofficial return policy is “we always want to do the right thing”, we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee or replacement of glove for faulty quality of glove.  Glove must be returned back to Phenom Elite for inspection. Once inspected and determined glove doesn’t have “normal wear and tear” a refund or replacement is provided.

Uniform & Apparel Fill Ins

Inevitably you will need to order additional jerseys or garments during the season.  This can happen for a variety of reasons including new players being added, players leaving, damage from play or improper laundering.  In addition, in order to extend the life of your uniforms, you will need to add uniforms each year as players change, graduate or move on.  The bottom line is that ordering fill-in jerseys is a necessary evil of the team uniform business and historically has been the number one complaint of schools, teams and leagues.  Sublimation thankfully makes this process easier and more transparent.  Our fill-in policy and charges are below.

Standard Fill-In Orders

For repeat and fill-in for existing orders (not Emergency Uniform Fill In-see below) standard lead times will apply.  In addition the following surcharge applies to fill-ins of less than 10 pieces.  For fill-ins of 1 or 2 pieces a surcharge of 30% applies, for fill-in of 3 to 5 pieces a 20% surcharge applies and for 6-9 pieces a 10% surcharge applies.  All fill-in orders must reference original PO or Order Number.  New sizing and numbers are acceptable on fill-ins. Fill-in surcharges are based on each piece not order total.  What this means is that if you ordered 20 total items on the order but it was divided as 3 of one item, 6 of another and 11 of another then the surcharges on the individual items would be 20%, 10% and 0%.  Please note that NO CHANGES to color, design or logos can be done on fill–ins.  The only acceptable changes are numbers and/or names.  All fill-ins are subject to a $10 freight charge when under 10 total pieces

Emergency Uniform Fill-In Order

The lead-time for emergency fill-in orders to replace ripped or damaged jerseys or to accommodate new players is 2 weeks.  Maximum number of units that can be ordered under this program is 2. There will be a 30% surcharge for this service.  Only player uniforms can be ordered on this service.  This means that items such as hoodies, compression, jackets and accessories are not eligible for this service.